Mining engineering  safety is concerned with the safe, and sustainable recovery of mineral  resources.

Throughout the  cycle of mining, from construction to decommissioning, mining engineers apply  specialist knowledge to determine the properties of the rockmass, ore body or  coal seam and to predict how each respond to the various mining options. The  specialist may recommend which mining option is best, what angle to make the  walls of an open cut mine, dimensions for quarry benches, underground roadways,  drives and shafts, how to support the excavations and what type of equipment is  best suited to cutting or drilling in the mine.

Other mining  engineers are required with specialist knowledge in areas such as ventilation,  mine gases, blasting and ground vibration, machinery design, training,  marketing and environmental engineering.

Mining engineering  safety is integrated with both electrical and mechanical engineering safety for overall mine safety.

Periodic audits of dust explosion management plans

Clause 36(m) of the Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulation 2006 requires that periodic audits be undertaken of a mine's dust explosion management plan. It is the responsibility of the mine to arrange for these audits to take place.

  • The audits should be undertaken at least once per year.
  • The audits must be undertaken by a licensed auditor – a list of registered license holders is available below.
  • The operator must receive a report from the auditor as to whether or not the system is being followed and if its aims are being achieved.
  • The operator must provide a copy of the report to the Chief Inspector and an industry check inspector.

Additional resources

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