Quarterly reports contain information on injuries and illness occurring in the quarter as well as other information such as the total number of hours worked at the mine. This type of information is used, amongst other things, for preparing key statistical data on injuries and illness in the mining sector.

Clause 130 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 requires the mine operator to give the regulator a quarterly work health and safety report. The report must provide certain information, including details of incidents and injuries at the mine during the reporting periods set out below.

The information must be collated for quarterly periods ending 30 September, 31 December, 31 March and 30 June each year.

Operators of petroleum sites, underground small gemstone mines, opal mines and tourist mines are not required to submit quarterly reports.

When to submit your report

The mine operator must submit a quarterly work health and safety report by the times detailed in the table below.

Reporting period Submission deadline

September Quarter 1 July - 30 September

No later than 31 July the following year

December Quarter 1 October - 31 December

No later than 31 July the following year

March Quarter 1 January - 31 March

No later than 31 July in that year

June Quarter 1 April - 30 June

No later than 31 July in that year

How to submit your report

Quarterly reports should be submitted online, where possible.

Quarterly work health and safety reports are able to be submitted through the Regulator Portal.  You should already have account details to the portal to be able to report for all mines operated by you.

Should you require a user account set up for the portal or to add a mine you operate to your existing user account then please submit a request to add a PCBU or operator.

You must complete a report for each mine. If no work was carried out at a mine during the quarter, you will only be asked to make a declaration that it did not operate.

If you are unable to complete the report online please telephone 1300 814 609 and we will send you a quarterly work health and safety report form by post or fax.

Information to help you prepare your report

This guide includes information and instructions to help you complete the report and is also available on the Regulator Portal

For more detailed information about incidents and injury reporting please see the Notification of incident and injury guide.