Safety alert database searchSafety alerts are an important communication tool between the department and the NSW mining industry, suppliers, unions and industry organisations. Safety alerts are issued following the occurrence of an event such as a fatal accident, dangerous occurrence or any incident which is considered to be of significance to the industry, with the aim of preventing a similar occurrence.

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Current Safety Alerts

No. Title Released Details
SA18-12 Worker falls from conveyor gantry 12 Nov 2018 PDF 95.8 KB
SA18-11 Controlling legionella bacteria in mining operations 06 Nov 2018 PDF 85.3 KB
SA18-10 Heavy vehicle light vehicle near miss 16 Jul 2018 PDF 326.1 KB
SA18-09 Drill rig breaches highwall windrow 10 Jul 2018 PDF 227.5 KB
SA18-08 Underground mine fire initiates emergency response 05 Jul 2018 PDF 258.8 KB
SA18-07 CMI 425 Amp flameproof restrained receptacle recall 11 May 2018 PDF 347.7 KB
SA18-06 Self rescuer maintenance 12 Apr 2018 PDF 125.8 KB
SA18-05 Offsider's nose and cheek broken in incident 09 Apr 2018 PDF 209.7 KB
SA18-04 Workers withdrawn after methane frictional ignition 23 Mar 2018 PDF 157.0 KB
SA18-03 Two workers suffer serious fluid injection injuries in separate incidents 01 Feb 2018 PDF 97.4 KB
SA18-02 Loader loses brakes and crashes at bottom of wall 29 Jan 2018 PDF 106.9 KB
SA18-01 Potentially dangerous mechanical components on opal mine materials handling hoists 17 Jan 2018 PDF 54.6 KB

Archived Safety Alerts