Registration of mining specific plant

What is mining specific plant?

Plant that is only used in the mining industry is known as mining specific plant. Plant that is used in all general industry, including the mining industry, is known as general industry plant.

Who registers mining specific plant?

All mining specific plant must be registered by the NSW Resources Regulator. For an application form, see the further information links below.

What are the different types of registration?

There are two types of plant registration; item registration and design registration.

Note: Design registered items of plant may also require item registration.

Design registration

What is design registration?

Design registration applies to all items manufactured to the same design. A design registration number must be granted before the plant can be used. The application for design registration can be made by the designer, manufacturer or supplier.

What types of plant need to be design registered?

Design registration is needed for the following types of mining specific plant;

* Means conveyor belting material, not the conveyor system.
** Includes underground applications under the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014.

Further information

Item registration

What is item registration?

Item registration is the registration of each piece of plant. The application for item registration must be made by the person in control of the plant.

How often do I need to register items?

Item registration needs to be renewed annually.

What types of plant need to be item registered?

Item registration is needed for the following types of mining specific plant;

  1. Booster fans used in underground mines
  2. Diesel engine systems used in underground mines
  3. Powered winding systems (including lifts) used in underground mines.