The previous phone maps version is still available but will be phased out.

Download to your phone or mobile device – no wifi or mobile reception required for use once downloaded.

GSNSW interactive geology maps are now available to download using the Explorer for ArcGIS mobile application. Follow the quick installation steps below to download the application and maps onto your mobile device.

These interactive geology maps display a range of information. Touch the screen to reveal the name, description, age, lithology and environment of formation of the underlying rock type. Your location appears on the map, which can be re-centred to your current location with just one touch.

A useful tool for geologists, geophysicists, engineers, farmers, environmental consultants, students and anyone interested in geology, landforms and soils.


  • Free download to your mobile device
  • No mobile reception required
  • Geology maps and geophysics images
  • New release maps: NSW Seamless Geology Version 2 and Lord Howe Island

Quick install Explorer for ArcGIS (free)


Apple iPhones and iPads (requires iOS 10.0 or later)

Install from the App Store on your iPhone/iPad.


Android phones and tablets (requires Android 4.2 or later)

Install from the Google Play Store on your phone/tablet.

STEP 2. For all devices

Once downloaded, open the app and choose to continue without signing in.

STEP 3. For all devices

Inside the app, search for NSW geology maps and geophysical images by typing GSNSW and select a listed map by clicking the download button to install and view the map.

Note: a WIFI connection is recommended for installation as the map files are up to 1.4 GB in size.