Chrome no longer supports Java applets

Google's Chrome version 45 and newer versions have dropped support for Java applets, impacting Java Uploader used in EROL. We recommend using Internet Explorer (Windows) or Firefox for batch uploading.

EROL (Exploration & Environmental Reports Online Lodgement) is an extension to the core DIGS® records archive system, enabling exploration title holders/operators to lodge reports via the internet.

Benefits of online lodgement include:

  • Efficiency: Timely submission of reports and electronic transmission will reduce both the time and cost for companies and the department. This will result in faster response time.
  • Accuracy: Prompts for correct details from the Mineral Exploration Assessment (MEA) database.
  • Security: Avoids the possibility of damage or loss of CDs during their physical journey. 128 bit encryption encoding and virus scanning ensures data is secure and meets audit requirements.
  • Integrity: Integration between the MEA and DIGS databases and internal validation checking ensures the integrity of data.

EROL functions

Title holders, operators or agents, as approved EROL account holders, can prepare and lodge reports online in a simple four step procedure.

  1. Query title and nominate report type
  2. Prepare the new report
  3. Attach documents as digital files
  4. Submit report and documents

Account holders can also save incomplete reports in EROL, and then lodge when ready. Reports can be viewed, edited and resubmitted by account holders if they have been rejected by the Geological Survey New South Wales (GSNSW).

EROL user registration

All users require a valid EROL user account to access EROL and to submit reports. A user account can be applied for online at the EROL login page.

Please note that an email address and company details are collected by the GSNSW during registration for the express purpose of activating the EROL service and providing system notifications. This information will not be distributed to any other parties. You can unsubscribe and stop all EROL access at any time by sending an email to erol.reguser@geoscience.nsw.gov.au with Unsubscribe in the subject field of your email.

User accounts must comply with the following validation policy:

  • Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least 8 characters in length and include at least one numerical or one non-alpha character.
  • The password or password hint cannot be password.
  • The username and password cannot be the same.
  • The username can not be a common name, for example, admin, administrator etc.
  • Full name must contain at least two words.

You can access or correct your account details after activation by accessing Account Maintenance. You will be notified by email when your account has been activated. Please allow up to 48 hours for account activation.

Important EROL notes

  • When submitting exploration or expenditure reports, do not use single or double quotation marks, forward or backward slashes, apostrophes and other special characters or symbols for any field, otherwise the data will not be saved in the current application.
  • When submitting expenditure reports there is a string length limitation up to 10 characters for the Estimated Expenditure field. It is suggested to avoid using "$", commas, extra spaces and round to the nearest dollar value.
  • EROL will only accept the non-proprietary file formats of PDF, JPEG, TIFF and ASCII (including files such as TXT, DAT, CSV, LAS). LAS and DAT files need to be zipped before submission.
  • Uploaded file size is limited to 32MB. Note the system will default back to its home page if the file size is exceeded, with no warning message given.
  • EROL offline lodgement may be used for sending files larger than 32MB that cannot be split into smaller files. It is also applied to file types that cannot be converted to formats accepted by EROL, such as some mandatory geophysical file types.
  • There are minor differences in the EROL procedures for submitting the different types of reports. Please refer to the appropriate guide below for help.

EROL help documents

EROL enquiries

Reporting requirements

Mining & Exploration Assessment Unit
Geological Survey of NSW
Email: mining.explorationassessment@geoscience.nsw.gov.au

Technical assistance

Geoscience Information
Geological Survey of NSW
Phone: 02 4063 6773
Email: digs.info@geoscience.nsw.gov.au

For further information
+61 (0)2 4063 6773
DIGS, Geological Survey of New South Wales, PO Box 344, Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310
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