The NSW Government's New Frontiers initiative supports mineral and petroleum exploration in greenfield areas of NSW. It applies innovative technologies to collect and deliver new geoscientific data and gain new insights into NSW resource potential.

The initiative's projects focus on under-explored terranes or areas not covered by current information. Their major goal is to reduce risk and accelerate mineral and energy discovery, maximising return to the state.

The aims of the initiative are to:

  • acquire and deliver world class pre-competitive geoscience information
  • provide framework geoscience information to support mineral exploration and land-use planning decision making
  • ensure our customers have easy and rapid access to the best-available geoscience information
  • attract new mineral explorers and investors to NSW
  • achieve a balance between building the data framework for high-risk greenfields areas/targets and providing innovative data and new exploration models to lower risk brownfields areas/targets
  • collaborate and engage with national geoscience initiatives.

New Frontiers projects and ongoing activities include: