Louth 1:250 000 Geological Map
Map name: Louth 1:250 000 Geological Map
Map Sheet Code: SH/55-09
Scale: 1:250 000
Year published: 1965
Edition: First edition

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Georeferenced image (ECW)  7.6 MB

ESRI Shapefile  3.3 MB

Mapinfo Table  1.9 MB

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Comments: Original map base compilation may have variable amounts of positional error or distortion. Contact GeoSpatial for more information.
Reference: Loudon A.G., Menzies I.A. and Wallis G.R., 1965, Louth 1:250 000 Geological Sheet SH/55-09, 1st edition, Geological Survey of New South Wales, Sydney
Price: $19.80 (GST incl., hard copy map)
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