The Mineral Resources series of publications (1898-1989) provides information on specific commodities.

The Mineral Resources series includes:

  • Mineral Resources 1-42, Department of Mines 1898-1977
  • Mineral Resources 43-46, Department of Mineral Resources 1978-1989

Scanned copies of Mineral Resources publications produced by the Department can be downloaded from DIGS®.


Series Title Year
MR01 Notes on Chromic Iron Ore: Its Modes of Occurrence, Mining, Dressing, Uses and Value; with a Register of New South Wales Localities 1898
MR02 Notes on the Occurrence of Tungsten Ores in New South Wales. 1898
MR03 Notes on Gold Dredging with Reference to the Introduction of the Industry into New South Wales. 1899
MR04 Notes on the Occurrence of Bismuth Ores in New South Wales 1898
MR05 Report on the Wyalong Gold-field 1899
MR06 The Copper Mining Industry and the Distribution of Copper Ores in New South Wales. 1908
MR07 Mercury or Quicksilver in New South Wales with Notes on its Occurrence in other Colonies and Countries 1913
MR08 Report on the Hillgrove Goldfield (Mineral Resources 8) 1900
MR09 Report on the Yalwal Goldfield 1901
MR10 Report on the Kiandra Lead 1901
MR11 Molybdenum and Its Uses 1906
MR12 Report on the Drake Gold and Copper Field 1908
MR13 The Forbes-Parkes Gold-field. 1910
MR14 The Tin-Mining Industry and the Distribution of Tin Ores in New South Wales. 1911
MR15 The Tungsten-mining Industry in New South Wales 1912
MR16 The Antimony-mining Industry and the Distribution of Antimony Ores in New South Wales 1912
MR17 Report on the Cobar Copper and Gold-Field. Part 1 1911
MR18 The Canbelego, Budgery, and Budgerygar Mines, Part II of the Cobar Copper and Gold-field 1915
MR19 Geological Survey of the Cargo Goldfield 1915
MR20 Report on the Ardlethan Tinfield 1915
MR21 The Adelong Goldfield 1916
MR22 Bibliography of Australian Mineralogy. 1916
MR23 The Coke Industry of New South Wales 1916
MR24 The Molybdenum Industry in New South Wales 1916
MR25 The Limestone Deposits of New South Wales. 1919
MR26 Felspar in New South Wales. 1917
MR27 The Hill End, Tambaroora Goldfield 1918
MR28 Bibliography of the Economic Minerals of New South Wales. 1919
MR29 The Geology and Mining Developments of the Ardlethan Tin Field 1919
MR30 The Lucknow Gold Field 1920
MR31 Notes on Petroleum and Natural Gas, and the Possibilities of their Occurrence in New South Wales 1921
MR32 The Coal Resources of the Douglas Park Area, and Tabulated List of Coal Bores, Counties of Cumberland and Camden. 1924
MR33 The Gypsum Deposits of New South Wales 1925
MR34 A Contribution to the Mineralogy of New South Wales 1926
MR35 The Yerranderie Silver Field 1930
MR36 West Darling District, A Geological Reconnaissance with Special Reference to the Resources of Subsurface Water. 1934
MR37 The Coal Resources of the Southern Portion of the Maitland-Cessnock-Greta Coal District (Northern Coalfield). 1939
MR38 Part I. The Gulgong Gold Field, Part II. Magnetic Prospecting of the Gulgong Deep Leads 1940
MR39 Geology and Underground Water Resources of the East Darling district 1940
MR40 Geological survey of the Coonabarabran - Gunnedah district with special reference to the occurrence of sub-surface water. 1963
MR41 Gold Dredging in New South Wales 1975
MR42 Diamonds in New South Wales 1977
MR43 Molybdenum in New South Wales 1978
MR44 Kaolin in New South Wales 1982
MR45 Bentonite and Fullers Earth in New South Wales 1983
MR46 Diatomite in New South Wales. 1989