• On the Outcrop newsletter

    On The Outcrop is an electronic newsletter provides regular updates on news, events and product releases.

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  • Quarterly Notes
  • Explanatory notes

    Explanatory notes summarise geological information and findings for a given mapping project area.

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  • Bulletins

    Bulletins form a thematic book series that present major findings of the department.

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  • Memoirs

    Monographs (dated 1887–1998) of this series each cover a specific geological or palaeontological topic. Scanned copies of pre-1993 Memoirs can be downloaded from DIGS®.

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  • Records

    Records are a series of books (dated 1889–1990) containing collections of geological and palaeontological articles.

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  • Non-periodicals

    Non-periodicals are geological books and reports that are not part of a series.

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