Cobar and Lake Cargelligo community sessions
Research on rocks, soil and groundwater

The Geological Survey of NSW will be holding free drop-in sessions to explain a new national geoscientific research collaboration called MinEx CRC. In western NSW this will include mapping rocks, soil and groundwater through aerial surveys, field work, sampling of rocks, soil, water and vegetation, and research drilling.

The sessions will provide information on the project, local geology and community benefits.

When: Monday 8 April (4–7 pm) and Tuesday 9 April (8–11 am)
Where: Cobar Shire Council Library community meeting room, 39 Marshall St, Cobar.


When: Thursday 11 April (4–7 pm) and Friday 12 April (9–10.30 am)
Where: Lower Lachlan Community Services Inc. meeting room, 30 Foster Street, Lake Cargelligo.

Largest ever NSW Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM survey) planned for Cobar

The Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW) and Geoscience Australia (GA) are preparing to fly the largest airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey ever undertaken in NSW.

Part of the National Drilling Initiative (NDI), the survey will be flown during April–June 2019 over the Cobar region (see Figure 1 below).

Figure 1: Area to be covered by the Cobar AEM survey

The survey involves an aircraft carrying instruments measuring the electrical properties of the ground. These properties vary depending on the type of rocks and soil, and water content and salinity. The information collected will improve our knowledge of the geology and groundwater resources of the area, which will assist mineral explorers and farmers.

The survey will be flown east‒west, mostly at 2.5 km and 5 km line spacings. Some small areas may be flown at closer spacings.

Flight lines will avoid towns and buildings and be correlated with existing water monitoring boreholes, mineral drill holes and seismic lines to aid interpretation.

GSNSW is aiming to make the data publicly available in December 2019.

Fact sheets

Community consultation

Government will contact relevant landholders, communities and government agencies before the AEM survey.

Local communities, business owners and landholders will be able to find out more about the survey during drop-in sessions to be held in Cobar well before the survey is flown.

Directly impacted landholders and will also be consulted individually, either through face-to-face meetings or via telephone.

More information

For more information call the Division of Resources and Geoscience on 1800 960 522. Alternatively, email