The Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991, Petroleum (Onshore) Regulation 2016 and the conditions of title for petroleum authorities in NSW set out the requirements for geoscientific reporting on exploration and production.

Holders of petroleum authorities are required under the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991 to lodge geoscientific reports on operations that include expenditure along with all maps, plans and data that are necessary to satisfactorily interpret the reports.

Reports include:

  • Annual reports
  • Partial relinquishment reports
  • Final reports
  • Well completion reports
  • Seismic survey reports

Geoscientific reports and data must be submitted in digital form in accordance with Onshore petroleum reporting and data submission guideline.

The guideline provides detailed information about required reports, due dates, data formats and confidentiality. Some information is required to be submitted in tables. Table templates are provided.

For more information on reporting requirements see Part 4 of the Petroleum (Onshore) Regulation 2016.

Petroleum geoscientific reporting guide

Onshore petroleum reporting and data submission guidelinePDF 335 KB

Templates for petroleum authority holders

Expenditure and statistics table templateXLS 47 KB
Gas compositions table templateXLS 26 KB
Gas testing and gas production table templateXLS 49 KB
Reserves and resources table templateXLS 27 KB
Well data summary table templateXLS 229 KB


Specific geoscientific reports and data submitted to the department under petroleum authorities are treated as confidential for a period of 5 years after lodgement, or until the authority is cancelled or relinquished.

Reports and data that include basic (uninterpreted or raw) data are made available to the public 2 years after they were submitted.

All exploration carried out by the Geological Survey of NSW, including joint venture exploration with companies, is made available to the public immediately upon acquisition.

Forms for petroleum authority holders

OCSG F02 Nomination of operator FormWord 131.2 KB
OCSG F03 Notice of intention to carry out fracture stimulation formWord 124.8 KB
OCSG F04 Fracture Stimulation Completion Report FormWord 134.0 KB
OCSG F05 Annual Safety Report FormWord 124.6 KB
OCSG F06 Notice of Intention to DrillWord 146.1 KB
OCSG F07 Well Suspension and Abandonment FormWord 135.0 KB

Compulsory online reporting

EROL is an online report lodgement facility for authority holders, operators or agents.

Users need to register for an account online at the EROL login page.

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