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Mineral and petroleum resources in New South Wales (NSW) are principally owned and managed by the government on behalf of its citizens. Exploration is an essential process to build knowledge about these resources and the potential for their extraction to support economic development. Investment by the private sector in exploration is essential to the discovery and development of the State's resources.

Prospecting titles (which include exploration licences, assessment leases, petroleum exploration licences, petroleum assessment leases and petroleum special prospecting authorities) are granted to facilitate this process, with the objective of encouraging ecologically sustainable development, social responsibility and building economic wealth for the people of NSW. In granting a prospecting title, the government ensures title holders undertake effective and competent exploration, and have the financial and technical capability to do so.

A work program describes the nature and extent of operations to be carried out during each year of a prospecting title, and the estimated expenditure for those operations.

Work programs are used:

  • to assess applications for the grant or renewal of a prospecting title
  • if a prospecting title is granted, to ensure the title holder carries out effective exploration during the term of the title.

If a prospecting title is granted, the work program becomes a single document maintained for the term of the prospecting title, varied as required.

As compliance with the approved work program is a condition of every prospecting title, the work program document will be a record of all approved work program activities (including variations) for the life of a prospecting title.