Download ESG5: Assessment Requirements for Exploration Activities PDF (1 MB PDF).

This Guideline has been prepared by the Division of Resources and Geoscience within the NSW Department of Planning & Environment (the Department), to assist title holders in understanding the assessment and approval requirements for different prospecting operations (exploration activities).

This Guideline is structured in four parts:

  • Part A sets out the assessment requirements for different exploration activities and contains general information about the application and assessment process for activities that require approval before they can be carried out
  • Part B contains specific guidance on 'Complying Exploration Activities' or 'CEAs', which are exploration activities which qualify for the CEA Assessment Pathway
  • Part C contains other Departmental information relevant to the assessment and determination of exploration activities, including requirements for security deposits, service delivery standards and contact information
  • Part D contains reference material relevant to the environmental assessment processes and a dictionary of technical terms used in this Guideline.

Appendix 1 contains a checklist to assist title holders determining whether their activity meets the criteria for assessment under the CEA Assessment Pathway. This checklist is discussed further in Part B.