Prospecting titles, which include exploration licences, assessment leases, petroleum exploration licences, petroleum assessment leases and petroleum special prospecting authorities are granted with the objective of encouraging ecologically sustainable development, social responsibility and building economic wealth for the people of NSW.

To demonstrate effective and competent exploration during the term of a prospecting title, title holders are required to submit annual reports of their activities. The reports describe work completed against the approved work program and environmental activity approvals. The Division of Resource and Energy is responsible for receiving, assessing and approving annual reports.

Annual activity reporting is required pursuant to the following standard condition of prospecting titles:

Unless otherwise approved by the Secretary, the licence holder must submit annual reports prepared in accordance with Exploration guideline: annual activity reporting for prospecting titles at the following times:

  • annually, within 30 days following the grant anniversary date of this licence
  • on any other date or dates directed by the Minister in writing
  • within 30 days of cancellation or expiry of this licence.

This guideline has been prepared to assist title holders in submitting annual activity reports in accordance with this condition.