Important notice regarding forms

The Division of Resources and Energy is reviewing forms under the Mining Act 1992 to reflect changes in legislation that came into effect on 1 March 2016.

The Mining Regulation 2010 has been repealed and the new Mining Regulation 2016 commenced on 12 August 2016. We are updating all forms to reflect the new numbering in this Regulation.

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New versions of forms are being released in Word format (as a fillable form) and PDF format (for printing only).

If you experience any issues with the forms or you require an alternative format, email

The Resources Regulator has developed a new online version of the Statement of compliance, environmental performance and financial history form. All relevant Mining Act 1992 application forms link to the online version of this form. For a word version of the Statement of compliance, environmental performance and financial history, please refer to the Resources Regulator website at For any further information about this form, please contact the Resources Regulator on 1300 814 609.

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  • Exploration licence

    Apply for an exploration licence to gain the exclusive right to explore for specified mineral group(s) within an exploration licence area, during the term of the licence.

    Go to Exploration licence

  • Mining lease

    Apply for a mining lease to gain the exclusive right to mine for specified minerals within a mining lease area during the term of the lease.

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  • General administrative

    These forms are to perform various, general administrative actions pertaining to a Title, or its Holders.

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  • Assessment lease

    Apply for an assessment lease designed to allow the holder to maintain an authority over a potential project area, without having to commit to further exploration.

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  • Environmental

    This section is currently under review.

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  • Opal mineral claims

    To start mining for opals, you need to apply for a mineral claim. Mineral claims within the Lightning Ridge Mineral Claims District are processed by the department's Lightning Ridge Office.

    Go to Opal mineral claims

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