Before agreeing to purchase a mineral claim

Check the mineral claim details

The contact details for the Lightning Ridge Office has changed, the new contact details are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Contact the department's Lightning Ridge Office (details below) who can provide you with the following information.

  • the name of the claim holder
  • the expiry date of the claim
  • the location of the claim
  • any outstanding matter with the claim, that needs to be fixed before any consideration could be given to transferring the claim.

Attend the mandatory opal mining courses

Newcomers intending to acquire a mineral claim must attend the relevant mining course.

You must attend the Safety Awareness Course prior to a claim being granted or transferred to you. In addition, you must complete the Environmental Awareness Course prior to being granted or transferred a claim in Opal Prospecting Area 4.

IMPORTANT: It is now a requirement to nominate a qualified mine operator on all claims within all Opal Prospecting Areas.

Be aware of associated costs

  • Stamp duty payable on the consideration/price paid for the claim
  • A security deposit, usually set at $700.00 to ensure that your obligations (including rehabilitation) under the claim are fulfilled
  • Lodgement fees

Lodgement of transfer application

The following must be lodged personally with the department's Lightning Ridge Office Team Leader by the person acquiring the claim:

For transfers of a residential mineral claim

Council rates

Following transfer of the claim, you should notify the Walgett Shire Council in writing that you are now the holder of the claim.

As the holder of a camp mineral claim you, are required to pay Council rates. Failure to pay rates to Walgett Shire Council may lead to cancellation action being taken on the claim.

Grant of transfer applications

After considering an application for transfer of a mineral claim, the department may transfer the mineral claim or may refuse the application.

The department, upon transferring a mineral claim to you, will ask you to sign the claim conditions and agree to comply with their requirements. As the holder of a mineral claim it is your responsibility to

  • be aware of and comply with the conditions of your claim
  • properly maintain the markout defining the claim area.

Failure to do so may result in fines being imposed or cancellation of your claim.

IMPORTANT: The transfer of a mineral claim does not change the expiry date of the claim. If you want to continue to hold the claim you must apply for renewal at the appropriate time (see Application for Renewal of Mineral Claim within LR District PDF (585 KB PDF). Therefore, you should keep the expiry date in mind. A renewal application must be lodged on or within 2 months before the day on which the claim is due to expire.

For further information
Lightning Ridge Office
+61 (0)2 6820 5200
+61 (0)2 6829 0825
NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Division of Resources and Geoscience, PO Box 314 Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Lot 60 Morilla Street Lightning Ridge NSW 2834 Map