How to renew a mineral claim

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A mineral claim may be renewed as to the whole or any part of the claim area. Application for the renewal of a mineral claim can be lodged by mail, fax or in person with the department on or within two months before the day on which the claim is due to expire.

To renew your claim you must lodge:

Grant of renewal applications

After considering an application for renewal of a mineral claim, the department may renew the mineral claim or may refuse the renewal of an application.


Upon renewal, the department will provide you with an Instrument of Renewal detailing the terms and conditions of the renewal.

It is your responsibility to be aware of and to comply with the conditions of your claim. Failure to do so may result in fines being imposed or in the cancellation of your claim.


The department will not renew a claim if:

  1. the application for renewal is lodged after the expiry date of the claim.
    • there is a proposal to cancel the claim;
    • the provisions of the Mining Act 1992 ( or the Mine Health & Safety Act 2004 have not been complied with; or
    • where it has come to the attention of the Director-General that there has been a breach of the conditions of the claim which warrants refusal of the renewal application.

Breaches may include

  • that the area is not safe
  • building guidelines have not been met
  • more than one dog is being kept on the claim area.

If the department proposes to refuse an application for renewal it will serve on the holder a notice of intention to do so indicating the grounds of the proposed refusal.

A holder served with such a notice may, within twenty one (21) days of the date of the notice, make representations to the department as to why the application should not be refused.

Before any final decision is made, these representations will also be reviewed by the department's Titles Services.

List of mineral claims not renewed

At the end of each month the department's Lightning Ridge Office Team Leader can prepare a list of all mineral claims not renewed in the previous month. This list will be available to the public.

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