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The Code of Conduct has been drawn up specifically in the interests of the miners and the Western Lands Lessees involved in and affected by the opal mining industry at Lightning Ridge and surrounding district.

The Code acknowledges the important contribution of both the opal industry and agriculture to the long term welfare of Western New South Wales.

The Code recognises:

  • The rights and obligations of Western Land Lessees (landholders)
  • The rights and obligations of opal miners/prospectors

It is the purpose of this Code to foster good and long lasting relations between landholder and miner.

The Code of Conduct has now been incorporated into the new mineral claim conditions, but will continue to be a condition a title for existing mineral claims for the remainder of their current term. If uncertain as to whether the Code of Conduct applies to you, please refer to your mineral claim conditions.

For further information
Lightning Ridge Office
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NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Division of Resources and Geoscience, PO Box 314 Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
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