New minimum prospecting standards to improve clarity for industry and community

Published: 13th July 2020

The NSW Government has today released minimum standards to improve tenure management for mineral and coal prospecting, reduce red tape, and better guide applicants requesting the grant, renewal or transfer of exploration licences and assessment leases.

NSW Government rolls out new features for Mining Titles Management System

Published: 24th June 2020

Mining investors, explorers and industry stakeholders can now track applications in real-time and lodge renewals online, with the NSW Government today rolling out a number of Titles Management System (TMS) upgrades.

COVID-19 response activities - section 29 notices for Native Title

Published: 19th May 2020

This update details the policy that MEG has implemented in relation to the advertising of section 29 notices.

Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release Consultation

Published: 6th May 2020

The annual Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage is part of the Federal Government’s strategy to promote offshore oil and gas exploration. Consultation is underway on potential areas for inclusion in the 2020 acreage release.

Delivering on the NSW Minerals Strategy

Published: 29th April 2020

An important update on how the NSW Government is working to support the development of our state’s mineral resources for the benefit the people of NSW.

COVID-19 –Mining, Exploration and Geoscience - Response Activities

Published: 28th April 2020

Mining, Exploration and Geoscience (MEG), formerly Division of Resources and Geoscience, is aware of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on industry and the wider community. MEG’s response involves adjusting application requirements, deferring payments, and other measures all designed to help industry be effective during this period of hardship.

Mining, Exploration and Geoscience Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Published: 8th April 2020

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Mining, Exploration and Geoscience (formerly the Division of Resources and Geoscience) has encouraged and enabled employees to work from home where possible.

New Department of Regional NSW to take on urgent needs of the bush

Published: 2nd April 2020

The NSW Government today established the new Department of Regional NSW to better coordinate support for communities, businesses and farmers in the bush that have endured drought, bushfire and flood and now face the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Promoting investment in the state’s minerals sector

Published: 2nd April 2020

Representatives from the Division of Resources and Geoscience (the Division) recently made a trip to the United States and Canada in support of the Deputy Premier’s aim to promote and market NSW’s mineral resources industry.

WHS undertaking rejected

Published: 25th February 2020

A WHS enforceable undertaking submitted by Clarence Coal Pty Ltd has been rejected by the Regulator.