The Legacy Mines Program (LMP) uses a modern risk-based approach that helps effectively prioritise the sites for rehabilitation or remediation. This involves:

  • data management for the effective evaluation of the program
  • screening level (desktop) risk assessment of all sites in the LMP database
  • site inspections to improve the site information base
  • undertaking remediation, safety or maintenance works
  • regular reviews of risk ratings to ensure the delivery of the LMP’s goals.

This process builds on a site’s information base and triggers work as necessary to reduce risks.  For example, on a contaminated site:

Risk ratings

Risk ratings are divided into two categories:

  • Safety Risk Rating – the Legacy Mines Program safety risk ratings are guided by international standards and utilise the ISO31000 methodology for likelihood and consequence.
  • Environmental Risk Rating – The program considers actual and potential environmental risks in six areas. These include:
    • soil contamination
    • surface water contamination
    • groundwater contamination
    • erosion and sedimentation
    • stability and subsidence
    • failure of containment structures.

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