The  major coal resources in NSW are located in the 500 km long, 150 km wide Sydney-Gunnedah Basin. It extends from south of Wollongong to north of Newcastle  and north-westerly through Narrabri into Queensland.  There are five major coalfields within the basin: Hunter, Newcastle, Southern, Western and Gunnedah.

Minor  coal resources are also located in the Gloucester  and Oaklands Basins.

A major  factor in the economic development of NSW has been the ease of access to coal  as an energy resource for the State's main industrial centres. Continued  development of these resources, however, needs to take into account competing  land uses and a range of environmental issues.

NSW  recoverable coal reserves total over 7 billion tonnes and include those  resources where conceptual mine planning has been undertaken, in both Mining  Leases and Exploration Licence areas.

Coal mines in NSW produced a record 194 Mt of saleable coal in 2017–18 worth around $22 billion. Of this, 161 Mt of coal was exported at a value of $19.7 billion.

Map of NSW coalfields

Coalfields NSW