AGL's Camden Gas Project, located in the Macarthur region of south-west Sydney, is NSW's only major  coal seam gas production project. Five per cent  of all of NSW's gas is produced at Camden, while the remainder of NSW's gas is imported from other states.

The Camden Gas Project has 144 wells, of which 96  are currently in production. View a map of coal seam gas wells in NSW.

The project has been operating since 2001 under its former operators, Sydney Gas Limited. AGL acquired Sydney Gas Limited in 2009.

The Camden Gas Project consists of five Petroleum Production Leases: PPL 1, PPL 2, PPL 4, PPL 5 and PPL6. Central to the project is the Rosalind Park Gas Plant, which is where natural gas  is collected, processed and transmitted into the natural gas network. View a map of petroleum titles in NSW.

Find out more about AGL's Camden Gas Project External link icon or read about the Camden Environmental Monitoring Project.

Project timeline

2016AGL announced that it progressively decommission wells and rehabilitate sites at the Camden Gas Project prior to ceasing production in 2023.
2015As part of its Upstream Gas Review, AGL announced it would not be proceeding with the Northern Expansion Project, and relinquished Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL) 2 as part of the Government's 'buy-back' scheme (Action 4 of the NSW Gas Plan PDF document [2.84 MB PDF]). AGL still has complete ownership and operation of PPLs 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.
2013Proposed Camden North Expansion Project put on hold.
2009AGL acquired Sydney Gas Limited giving it 100 percent ownership of the Camden Gas Project.
2004Operation of the Rosalind Park Gas Plant commenced in PPL 4. The Camden Gas Project expanded to include PPLs 5 and 6.
2002Addition of three production wells in PPL 2.
2001Sydney Gas Limited developed the Camden Gas Project and received approval for the first two Petroleum Production Leases (PPLs) in NSW.