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  • The facts on CSG

    Find out about coal seam gas (CSG), how it's extracted and the protections around exploration, production and extraction in NSW

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  • Codes, policies & legislation

    Links to codes, policies and legislation governing acquifers and groundwater, well integrity, fracture stimulation (fraccing), petroleum titles.

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  • Community

    Read about community consultation processes, community liaison program, and the Community Benefits Fund.

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  • Information on petroleum titles

    Read general information on petroleum titles and statements regarding changes to specific petroleum exploration licences (PELs).

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  • Research, fact sheets, maps & links

    A range of resources to help the community learn more about CSG and the industry in NSW.

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View a comprehensive listing of wells drilled for the purposes of exploring for, or extracting, natural gas from coal seams.

Each icon displays specific information about the history of the well including the date it was drilled, its current status, whether hydraulic fracturing was used and whether it has been rehabilitated.