Community support plays a crucial role in determining the future of low emissions coal technologies and associated research and development programs.

As such, a key activity of the Coal Innovation NSW Fund (the Fund) is to increase public awareness of, and support for, the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions via low emissions coal technologies.

This will be achieved by:

  • providing valuable, accurate information to the community
  • consulting with the community where necessary regarding existing projects and programs and
  • increasing community confidence in low emissions coal technologies by leveraging the experience and data gained from research projects and drilling programs supported by the Fund.

Local Community Communication and Engagement for Darling Basin Drilling Program

To ensure local landholders are informed on the scope and progress of the seismic survey (Stage 2 of NSW CO2 Storage Assessment Program) project:

  • meetings have been held with the Central Darling Shire Council
  • engagement with the wider local community will happen prior to the start of the survey
  • details of the location, start date and estimated duration of the survey will be published in local newspapers and
  • collaborative work with local traditional owners has been undertaken.

This collaborative relationship will be fostered during future exploration in the area under the Darling Basin Drilling Program.

Project: Managing low emissions coal technology project risk: the role of public awareness

The challenge:

To increase the public awareness and support of Low Emissions Coal Technologies (LECT) in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from coal fired power generation.

The action:

Coal Innovation NSW funded the University of Newcastle's Research Institute for Social Inclusion and Well-being to investigate public perception of LECT and how this is formed.

Grant amount:

$618,930 (EOI Round 2009)

The project:

One of the projects funded as part of the under the Coal Innovation NSW 2010 Expressions of Interest Funding Round was the University of Newcastle's Research Institute for Social Inclusion and Well-being, which received funding to investigate the level of public engagement with Low Emissions Coal Technologies.

The final report, Managing Low Emissions Coal Technologies project risks: The role of public awareness, investigated the organisational dynamics within the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industries and the question of how and why the public forms opinion around issues relating to them.

CINSW would like to clearly state that CSG is not a low emissions coal technology. The comparative study was undertaken to further social science research in the use of innovative forms of communications and their role in public awareness. Findings from this study cannot compare CSG technologies to low emissions coal technologies and carbon capture and storage.

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