Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is considered as one of the most important options Australia has to reduce our nation's greenhouse gas emissions.

There are several CCS demonstration projects underway and also some major commercial CCS projects proposed for Australia.

For more information, visit the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

The NSW Government is providing financial research support through competitive grants programs and is also partnering with organisations and companies including:

  • Centennial Coal
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • Newcastle Institute of Energy and Resources (NIER)
  • CO2CRC Limited
  • University of Newcastle
  • Mineral Carbonation International
  • University of NSW

The NSW Government is also a member of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (Global CCS Institute) which works collaboratively to accelerate the worldwide commercial deployment of CCS at scale. The Institute connects parties around the world to address issues and learn from each other through sharing knowledge, advocacy and by assisting CCS projects. The cross-cutting membership is comprised of government, industry, research organisations and other interested stakeholders.

Coal Innovation NSW also participates in the CO2CRC, one of the world's leading collaborative research organisations focused on carbon dioxide capture and storage technologies.

It has more than 100 scientists working to develop safe and economic carbon capture and geosequestration technologies. The organisation is also conducting the Otway Project, which is Australia's first demonstration of deep geological storage (or geosequestration) of carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas.

You can find out more about projects and initiatives in Australia below:

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Coal Innovation NSW