International award for innovation won by NSW Government funded project.

A Coal Innovation NSW (CINSW) funded project aimed at developing and optimising a method of permanently storing carbon dioxide has taken out the award for ‘Resource Innovator of the Year’ at the New Materials Summit in Berlin.

In 2013, the Division of Resources and Geoscience’s Coal Innovation Fund NSW, along with the Commonwealth and Orica, awarded Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) a $9.12 million four-year grant, to build a world-first pilot plant to undertake the research into mineral carbonation.

The research is attempting to accelerate and take advantage of a natural process whereby carbon dioxide is captured in mineral deposits and stored in rocks. A key advantage of this process is the CO2 is permanently stored as a magnesium carbonate, which may be utilised for building products. Minister Harwin officially launched the project in July 2017.

The Summit was held with the backing of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and called for chemistry to be made more sustainable and climate-friendly.

More information on the Permanent Large-scale CO2 Storage by Mineral Carbonation in NSW project.