18th December 2020

The NSW Government has taken a critical step in enhancing transparency, accountability and service delivery for mining investors, explorers and industry stakeholders by rolling out the next phase of the Titles Management System (TMS).

Mining, Exploration and Geoscience NSW Acting Deputy Secretary Stephen Wills said TMS has been well received by industry and stakeholders since its launch in December 2019 and the new phase three features will provide industry with enhanced functionality.

These will allow users to:

  • Lodge applications for additional dealings including transfer approval, suspension of mining operations, deregister of a sub-lease or equitable interest and cancellation
  • View more user-friendly information about their online applications via the improved dashboard
  • Manage a portfolio of applications within a company.

Phase three will also provide applicants with the ability to manage a company profile, benefiting larger organisations where there are multiple staff accessing a portfolio of titles and application information. This function is unique to TMS and will significantly enhance the customer user experience.

Mr Wills said TMS is a key deliverable of the NSW Minerals Strategy and the latest enhancements will provide greater features and functionality to new and existing users, as well as agents and the wider community.

“TMS is on track to becoming a one-stop shop for the end-to-end management of mining and exploration titles and these new functions will ensure improved transparency and accountability, while providing added convenience and more user-friendly information about the status of online applications,” Mr Wills said.

“The NSW Government is committed to making NSW the premier state for exploration and mining investment in Australia and these upgrades are supporting an industry that is making a vital contribution to the state’s economy and job growth.”
For further information, go to the Titles Management System page.