26th September 2018

More than 240 engineers examined the idea of “known risks, known controls” at the opening day of the NSW Resources Regulator's annual Mechanical Engineering Safety Seminar today.

Attended by mine workers, manufacturers, contractors and industry specialists from across the State, the event will discuss mechanical hazards, how these hazards become an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of people, and how to best control the risks associated with the sector.

Chief Compliance Officer for the Resources Regulator, Anthony Keon, said the event was key to making the NSW mining industry a safer place to work.

“This event is a key part of our engagement with the mining industry and I am delighted to see so many in attendance this year,” Mr Keon said.

“We have a fantastic program of speakers across a range of topics, with a particular focus on innovative risk management procedures and mechanical engineering issues and safety.”

The event also features Dr Sean Nicklin, Director of Plastic Surgery, Prince of Wales Hospital, who is speaking about fluid injection injuries and current treatment practices.

Held at the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney, it’s the 28th hosting of the annual conference.

The seminar continues tomorrow with more guest speakers.