1st April 2019

Explorers now have access to improved data regarding the petroleum resource potential of part of the Darling Basin with the release of the Bancannia Trough Data Package by the Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW).

Exploration for petroleum resources in the trough, north of Broken Hill in the state’s far northwest, has been limited to date and the package provides a new understanding of one of the most prospective sub-basins within the Darling Basin.

The package builds upon the Darling Basin Data Package 2017 and provides more focussed data and information about the trough.

It assists potential explorers to readily access existing data and new interpretations and analysis on the trough and includes:

  • a comprehensive compilation of searchable reports in PDF (Adobe) format, that have also been bookmarked
  • databases and summary tables that enable a quick review and assessment of data
  • well geophysical logs converted from the original hardcopy into LAS format
  • an IHS Kingdom® seismic project that includes major seismic lines and well data with new interpretations of major horizons
  • a three-dimensional model of the trough (SKUA-GOCAD®) with major horizons modelled in time and depth domains
  • newly interpreted stratigraphic and structural plays derived from the IHS Kingdom® project and SKUA-GOCAD® model
  • an ArcGIS (ESRI™) project containing GIS spatial data.

The new package is available on a USB thumb drive and can be purchased via the Resources and Geoscience website.

Updated versions will be generated as new data and information are acquired. GSNSW is working towards online delivery of these packages.